Steen Iver Andersen

Patent Attorney
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Steen Iver Andersen has an education in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, specialising in mechanical material processes.

Technical and practical experience
After completing his education, Steen supplemented it with a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (organisation and management) and therefore, in previous jobs, he has had business unit responsibility.

Patent experience
Steen has previously been employed by Patrade as he worked here for a number of years beginning from the foundation of Patrade. Subsequently, he has, among other things, also worked as internal patent consultant at Danfoss, before joining Patrade again. Through his many years of working with patents and other intellectual property rights, Steen has gained large experience in preparation of patent applications, infringement evaluations, patent watches, novelty searches, patent strategy and Freedom to Operate analyses.

Technical competences

  • Machine and process technology
  • Cooling and heating technology (HVAC)
  • Metal and plastics processing
  • Pump and valve technology
  • Agricultural and fisheries technology

Other competences

  • Novelty searches
  • Drafting patent applications
  • Freedom to Operate analyses
  • Infringement evaluations
  • Patent watches