Works of art or literature such as a unique piece of furniture, a photography, a book, an architectural drawing etc. are automatically protected by copyright and no filing for registration of your right is necessary in Denmark. As creator of the work, you hold the right to make this work known to the public. No one else may copy, distribute, show or perform this work of art or literature in public without your consent.

In Denmark, as in most countries, a work is protected by copyright for 70 years after the death of the creator. However, this may vary from one jurisdiction to another. This is important knowledge, if relying on this type of protection. Copyright only prevents others from copying your work – it does not prevent them from creating a similar work. For that reason, it is recommendable also to file for a registered type of protection, if possible.

At Patrade, we help you to secure the best possible copyright for as long as possible, and we advise you on your possibilities. Our team of patent and trade mark attorneys and lawyers work in all areas of copyright – physically as well as digitally. Due to recent years’ rise in digital infringements, we have developed our own tool for finding the violators – with a very high success rate. Furthermore, we offer counselling on other copyright matters such as royalties, assignments, licenses etc.

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