The potential of a design registration is sometimes underrated – and for no reason. As opposed to patents, design protection covers merely the shape or pattern of a product. No reference is made to the product’s technical function – simply its appearance. A design protection is accordingly cheaper and easier to achieve, and it is a most effective means in the battle against counterfeits.

At Patrade, we pride ourselves on providing relevant, customised advice on protection for each individual client. Our attorneys are all clear-cut strategists, when it comes to analysing intellectual properties and assessing the right level and combination of protection. We offer a full range of design registration service and can assist you through the process from assessment, search, preparation of drawings, filing and objections to registration.

Once your design protection has been registered, we can help you maintain and enforce it. Our specialist team deals with renewals, assignments, suspected infringements etc., and we also offer a unique service of online enforcement, where we search, find and remove counterfeits from the Internet.

Do you have any questions, or do you want us to help protecting your design, then please contact one of our design attorneys.