The digitalisation of the world and the fast-growing e-commerce business have turned domain names into valuable assets – assets that are in danger of ending up in the wrong hands. Domain names and brand name are often closely tied together, as the domain typically is used to find the website of a brand and will almost automatically be associated with each other. If a domain name ends up in the hands of an imposter pretending to be the brand owner, it may cause considerable harm to the brand name. So, registering the right domains names and protecting your online identity has become more important than ever.

At Patrade, we are able to provide you with a full range of domain name services – from planning of an international domain strategy, search and registration, renewal, handling of disputes, court actions and maintenance. We have developed a unique tool for monitoring domain names, which enables us to more effectively warn our clients of infringing domains registrations. We can also help you acquire domain names from others, when necessary.

Do you need our professional opinion on a domain name issue in Denmark or abroad, please contact one of our domain name specialists.