Having your invention, brand, design etc. registered is an important step towards protecting your company’s IP assets, but enforcing those rights is just as crucial. Without enforcement, your IP rights lose their very purpose – to prevent others from using, selling, producing etc. the idea covered by your registration.

Fortunately, infringement situations are often ended by a well-written warning letter from an expert followed up by a professional correspondence. But sometimes, it requires more effort. At Patrade, we are a full-service consultancy with in-house talents for every scenario. Our qualified team of experts consists of an ideal mix of certified European Patent Attorneys, European Trade Mark and Design Attorneys and lawyers, who each have a role in advising and supporting our customers through the whole life span of an IP right: assessment of registrability and novelty, filing, contradicting objections, registration, enforcement and all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary.

If you find yourself in the receiving end of an infringement allegation, Patrade is your trusted collaborator. It happens that our customers are faced with a fake allegation of infringement. Our specialists can give you a professional assessment of the situation and advise you on the appropriate course of action. If the allegations turn out to be eligible, we will help you through the situation with a minimum of loss – in terms of costs and lost business.

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