Grasping the very idea behind an invention is crucial to securing the best possible protection. At Patrade, our patent attorneys are all highly educated professionals with a combined experience counting more than 50 different areas of specialisation. Their knowledge and experience mean that we are confident of providing effective patent consultancy for Denmark, the EU and internationally, regardless of the client’s size or industry.

As your personal advisor, we acknowledge the importance of individual needs, and our competent team of patent experts will always provide you with advice and assistance tailored to your requirements, and we will guide you throughout the entire process from idea to grant:

  • Advising on patentability of an invention
  • Providing thorough novelty searches
  • Drafting a patent application with due care and skill
  • Handling the formal examination process and meeting all local requirements and negotiating your case through to grant

Once granted, the patent must be maintained. To us, maintenance is anything necessary to keep the patent in force:

  • Ensuring timely renewals
  • Negotiating and drafting license agreements
  • Assessing infringement situations
  • Conducting litigation, when necessary
  • Handling oppositions
  • Transferring rights

We offer our advice and knowledge across the whole range of patent services, and no request is too small (or large). Do you need our assistance? Do not hesitate to contact one of our patent attorneys.