Protecting a company’s trade marks is protecting its brand and the very essence and characteristics of that company. We know. And that is why our trade mark services are designed to provide you the best possible protection and to safeguard your reputation.

Our team of skilled trade mark attorneys offers advice and assistance throughout the whole process from assessment of registrability and novelty searches to filing, prosecution and registration – on a local and international scale. Armed with years of experience in the diversities of various jurisdictions, they will guide you through the trade mark strategy planning phase and help you select the relevant countries for registration. Denmark, EU or perhaps internationally?

Once a future-proof strategy is initiated and the trade mark is registered, we can help ensure maintenance and enforcement. We assist with renewals, watches, licensing, transfer of rights, changes of name or address, and if you find yourself in one or the other end of an infringement situation, our team of experts can help you protect your mark, request revocation or invalidation and even defend you in court, when there is no other way forward.

We pride ourselves on always considering the individual needs of each client, and we cherish the personal relations. Do you need our help? Then contact one of our lawyers or legal consultants.