Denmark is one of the countries which offer utility model protection. Like patents, utility models cover the technical principles of an invention – but with less formal requirements and, thus, a faster and cheaper protection. Accordingly, utility models are sometimes referred to as “petty patents” or “innovation patents”, and may be an excellent protection form for inventions, which do not quite meet the requirements of a patent application.

At Patrade, we advise you on the most suitable form of protection for your specific invention – taking all aspects into consideration. Our experts review each invention in full to provide you with the best strategy in terms of form, scope and jurisdiction. The formal requirements to utility models vary from one country to another, but our experienced specialists and our international network of collaborators cover all jurisdictions.

Finding your unique position on the market is difficult, but we can help you design around existing rights – in Denmark or abroad. And we support you for as long as you need, assisting you in renewals, transfers of rights, infringements, licences or whatever issue your utility model may face.

Do you want to learn more about utility models? Or do you want an assessment of your invention? Please contact one of our utility model specialists