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What are cookies?

Websites use cookies to optimise the user experience.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer to recognise your device when you revisit our website. Cookies are stored in your browser to obtain information about your visit and the way you use our website. We use the information for e.g. statistical purposes.

As cookies are simple text files, they cannot collect information from your computer, spread computer vira or any other harmful programmes.

Cookies are used to recognise your or other users’ devices when they revisit the website. No personal information (name, address etc.) is stored in our cookies.

Cookies on

On, we use cookies to show how our website is used and to simplify and improve the user experience. Furthermore, we use cookies for logins to our systems. All statistical information is anonymous and does not refer to any named users.
The following types of cookies are placed on your device when visiting places as 1st party:

Name: Type: Purpose: Expiration:
Google Analytics: ”_gat”, ”_ga” og ”_gid”. Session cookies Allow us to analyse demographic information on visitors. Expires after 1-4 minutes.
  Persistent cookies Allow us to remember the users’ cookie preferences. Expires after 1 month.
”_unam” Persistent cookies Allow us to remember login information to Patrade’s systems.  Expires after 9 months.


In addition, the following third parties place cookies on

Third party: Type: Purpose: Expiration:
Facebook; ”fr” Persistent cookies Contain validation codes from for use with the integration of the Facebook ”share” function Expires after 2 months.


How to delete/avoid cookies

How to delete or avoid cookies depends on your browser.

When using a PC, cookies can be deleted by using [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[Delete].

When using a MAC, or when the abovementioned action is unsuccessful, please follow the link below relating to your browser:

Why do we have a cookie policy?

Danish websites are under the obligation to inform their visitors of the placement of cookies on their IT devices. Such information must be given in accordance with Danish law.


Our Privacy Policy

Please also read our Privacy Policy for more information on how we collect, use and keep your personal data. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.



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November 2018