Birthe B. Olesen

European Patent Attorney
B.Sc. in chemistry

Birthe B. Olesen is B.Sc. in Chemical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with specialty in environmental chemistry and waste water treatment. Birthe has worked with patents since 1996, including as a patent attorney at Larsen & Birkeholm A/S since 2009 and prior to that as a Senior Examiner and patent specialist at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office for 13 years.

She has extensive experience in working with patents in a very broad field of technologies, especially within the fields of chemical and mechanical engineering when advising her clients. Birthe has extensive experience in various areas within working with intellectual property rights (IPR), such as drafting and prosecution of patent applications, performing various types of searches within patent and/or non-patent literature and assessment of novelty and potential infringement situations.

Birthe wishes to ensure that her clients obtain an optimal IPR protection of their products by individually adapting the strategy for IPR protection to each client’s business and needs. It is very important to Birthe that her clients understand the background and the consequences of decisions taken during prosecution of patent applications.

Birthe has extensive experience in teaching and giving lectures about IPR.

Technical competences

  • Mechanics in general
  • Chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Foodstuffs and nutraceuticals/pharmaceuticals based on plants and similar materials
  • Treatment of gasses or liquids, waste water and solid wastes
  • Packaging materials
  • Plastics technology
  • Concrete technology

Other competences

  • Drafting and prosecution of patent and utility model applications
  • Novelty searches
  • Evaluation of potential infringement of patents
  • Freedom to operate searches and analysis
  • IP strategy