Robin Medenwaldt

European Patent Attorney
Cand.scient. & ph.d. in physics
Master in Intellectual Property Law and Management (LL.M.)

Robin Medenwaldt holds a M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in physics and is a qualified European Patent Attorney. At the University of Strasbourg, Robin achieved a degree as ”Master in Intellectual Property Law and Management”. Additionally, Robin is a certified coach under the International Coaching Community.

Research experience
Robin Medenwaldt is M.Sc. and Ph.D. in physics from Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Aarhus. Before Robin became a patent attorney, he worked for 13 years as a researcher within physics, biology, medicine and geomorphology, and he is an author of numerous scientific publications.

Highlights in his research includes

  • High energy physics at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN in Switzerland,
  • Accelerators at different international research centers
  • X-ray physics, optics and microscopy

The research within biology, medicine and geomorphology with corresponding recognized scientific publications was primarily carried out with an x-ray microscope constructed by Robin at University of Aarhus. In a major project, the microscope was used for the examination of spermatozoa, which lead to a publication with the designation ”outstanding contribution” in the recognized medical journal Human Reproduction (vol.14 no.4 pp.880–884, 1999).

Patent experience
Robin has extensive experience with patents, including

  • Novelty searches and evaluation of patentability
  • Freedom to operate-analyses
  • Drafting of patent applications
  • Patent prosecution before the relevant authorities
  • Defending patent rights
  • Patent litigation
  • Infringement assessment
  • IPR due diligence

Attack on other peoples rights as a business strategy, including opposition- and appeal cases before the EPO.
Additionally, Robin works with business strategies in relation to IPR with the purpose of creating the highest possible value for his client in relation to the investment in IPR.
Robin utilizes his experience and knowledge from his coaching education to guide the client – especially entrepreneurs – through a path which in short time gives a clearer focus on milestones and other overall objective goals of the business.

Technical competences

  • General physics
  • Optics
  • X-ray optics
  • Nuclear physics
  • High energy physics
  • Thin film production
  • The interfaces between physics, chemistry, biology & medicine
  • Mechanics

Other competences 

  • Coaching in business development
  • Membership of executive boards
  • Software patenting
  • Business strategies with relation to IPR
  • IPR due diligence
  • Novelty searches
  • Infringement assessments
  • Freedom to operate-analyses
  • Opposition and appeal cases before the EPO