Sanne Løfqvist Bager

Sanne has a degree in electrical engineering from the Danish Air Force and a subsequent education in electronic engineering from Aalborg University specialising in signal processing.

Technical and practical experience
Sanne has worked 11 years as an electrical engineer with trouble-shooting and repair of equipment within the fields of RADAR and Radio communication equipment, as well as fire and gas systems. Through this work, Sanne has gained significant experience with, among other things, analogue and digital electronics, signal processing and programming, both in theory and in practice.

After finishing her engineering degree, Sanne has worked in businesses where patent work was part of the job. Since 2003, Sanne has had her own business within the fields of LED technology and electronic systems. Through this business, Sanne has gained broad experience with entrepreneurship, business management and development in practice, including IPR strategy.

Technical competences:

  • Analogue and digital electronics
  • Electronic systems
  • Radio communication
  • Signal processing
  • Speech recognition and synthesis
  • Light/sound
  • LED technology
  • Software