Søren Hansen

Søren primarily provides counselling in relation to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, including particularly trade mark and design rights. Søren also assist with all aspects within the field of copyright, contracts, licence agreements and marketing.

Through his previous employment as assistant attorney and attorney-at-law, Søren has obtained considerable experience with a wide range of legal aspects within the business world, including contracts, providing advice for entrepreneurs, infringements, contract work, arbitration, legal proceedings, negotiation and cases before the Danish Complaints Board for Domain Names. Additionally, Søren has achieved a great understanding of and insight into various business aspects, which means that Søren proactively provides counselling with a value-adding and commercial focus in order to protect the hard work behind an innovation.

Søren is LL.M. from the University of Aalborg where he has also previously lectured on property right. Before his employment as an assistant attorney/attorney-at-law, Søren was prosecutor assistant at the Danish Prosecution Service. Here, he obtained significant experience with legal proceedings as well as knowledge of seizures and working processes of public authorities.

Legal competences

  • Trade mark and design protection
  • Domain name
  • Enforcement and infringements
  • Copyright
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Contracts
  • Marketing law and digital marketing
  • Legal proceedings, arbitration and litigation
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution