Daria Wagner

Patent Attorney
MSc (Chemistry) & Ph.D. (In the microelectronics)
QPIP (Qualified Patent Information Professional)

Daria has over 13 years of IP experience working for national patent authorities (8 years), IP departments in industry (5) and law firms (since April 2020). She is an expert in all phases and aspects of IP strategy and management:

  • Setting up strategic goals for IP based on business strategy, this may include estimating target numbers by benchmarking against any desired segment;
  • Evaluating existing assets in all forms and performing gap analyses of policies, training programs and software tools needed to enable reaching strategic IP goals, and reviewing IP decision-making processes;
  • Acquiring and developing an IP portfolio, which includes creating innovation programs for IP harvesting, technological landscaping, educating developers and researchers in generation and disclosure of an invention, drafting, filing, prosecution and litigation processes, gate-keeping of IP checkpoints before any investment in an idea and before any market release of products, freedom-to-operate clearances, valuation of rights for potential acquisitions, infringement analyses, etc.;
  • Maintaining and expanding IP portfolios, including regular reviews of profitability, licensing, IP enforcement, competitor surveillance programs.

Daria is studying to become European Patent Attorney.

Languages: Russian - native, English and Danish - fluent.

Technical Expertise
Microelectronics and software, in-computer implemented inventions
Chemical engineering, biotechnology, metallurgy
Micro, nano sciences and cleanroom technologies
Oil and gas refining, catalysis
Mechanical engineering, textiles, paper, fixed constructions

IPR Expertise
IPR strategy, evaluation, harvesting, management
Novelty, Patentability assessment
Patent drafting, filing, prosecution, litigation
Licensing, selling, purchasing IP rights
FTO clearance, infringement analyses, landscapes